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Denver Simplifies ADU Construction Rules

Denver Simplifies ADU Construction Rules: A Move Towards More Affordable Housing

Denver is on a mission. The city wants to make housing more affordable and accessible. To do this, it’s changing regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs). This move hopes to make ADU construction easier. It also aims to tackle the city’s housing shortage​1​.

The city made this decision based on recommendations. The ADU Advisory Committee was formed last year. Its job was to identify barriers to ADU construction. They considered changes to zoning code technicalities, like size and placement. The aim was to make ADUs easier to build​1​.

Genna Morton, a communications specialist, explained the results. “The committee found that tailoring the ADU construction rules to the neighborhood context allows the ADUs to fit better. It also makes ADUs easier to build. Homeowners don’t have to worry about uniform technicalities,” she said. In other words, customizing rules to each neighborhood could cut costs. It allows homeowners to construct the type of ADU that best fits their lot and surroundings​1​.

The new rules are a step forward. They use the existing Suburban, Urban Edge, and Urban designations to adjust ADU regulations. For instance, homes in Urban zoning areas faced difficulties. These homes typically have smaller lot sizes. Building ADUs was hard due to uniform size requirements. Now, these regulations will take zoning areas into account. This will remove unnecessary barriers​1​.

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Q: What are ADUs? ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are secondary housing units on a residential property. They can be either attached or separate.

Q: Why are ADUs important? ADUs offer an extra source of income for homeowners. They also create more affordable housing options.

Q: How have ADU rules changed in Denver? Denver has loosened its ADU rules. This makes construction more affordable and feasible for residents. The rules now consider the context of each neighborhood. This removes unnecessary barriers.


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